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Effect of low temperature on compound bow

来自:Linyi Dengji Archery Manufacture Co.,Ltd 日期:2019/1/17
核心提示:Effect of low temperature on compound bow
This year's winter is unusually cold, and there are historically low temperatures in the country. What effect does this cold weather have on the compound bow? Everyone knows that many metals will become brittle at low temperatures. Every time this season, the choice of bow and arrow is a very tangled process, because the price of the bow and arrow itself is relatively expensive, so the choice of bow and arrow also appears. It is important to be crucial.

For hunting, the first thing to choose is the number of pounds in the bow and arrow. This is the most important factor. In many cases, we choose the American hunting recurve bow, but we can say that at this time, this is not a real one. A question that can make us default, why? Because the American hunting recurve bow is also a true recurve bow, but on another level, if you use the American split hunting recurve bow, there are still many drawbacks, and this drawback exists and The problem is that the accuracy is not very large. This makes us have a great change in the purpose of bow and arrow hunting. From this level, what is the latest hunting bow?

We are proud to introduce a triangular compound bow (car hunting special compound bow), this compound bow is to provide us with the greatest help to the greatest extent, to provide maximum convenience and maximum precision for the bow friend. The greatest archery strength, these biggest premise, provides us with a very real and effective bow and arrow use state, allowing us to start from zero and create the miracle of bow and arrow hunting for many years!

Of course, there are other factors that recommend this bow and arrow for the majority of bow friends. The main reason is that the price/performance ratio is also very high. At the same time of high cost performance, we can truly create a greater determination from all stages, no matter what we think. But can get the most benefit or the greatest fun with the lowest price, why not for the majority of bow friends? I believe this is very important for the bow friends, very let us have a very deep idea!

In summary, when we use our bows and arrows, choosing the most suitable bow for our own use according to our own choice is the most basic factor that can bring us the most basic factors. From these aspects, We are the most direct, the most important way for us to have a sense of accomplishment. From the overall thinking, we will be able to allow us to thoroughly develop a kind of thinking, achieve a kind of achievement, let us be based on the most See the most perfect growth factor in the basic ideas!
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