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Archery should focus on the use of back muscles

来自:Linyi Dengji Archery Manufacture Co.,Ltd 日期:2019/1/17
核心提示:Archery should focus on the use of back muscles
When archery, learning the use of the back muscles takes a lot of time. If the shooter takes the time to learn how to use the back muscle correctly, then they will shoot a lot better than before. Starting with the For mastr instead of the arrow, the shooter can understand the development of the archery movement, and the focus will be placed on his own inner feelings.
Use the For master instead of the arrow to shoot a few times, then change the arrow back to shoot, you will find that the first arrow will shoot very quickly, very smooth, the shooter will feel a new experience of archery, so close It is.
After a few more shots, the shooter will find that his archery moves back to the way they were. This is normal, which is why it is necessary to use the training equipment to practice repeatedly. After the shooter has been practicing with this equipment for a few weeks, they will find that the movement is not very good. The reason is that when the back muscle strength is developing, the shooter is in a state of overthrowing what he has learned in the past. When learning how to use the back muscle properly, its effectiveness will surprise the shooter because there is a good back muscle in the past. Stretching will only happen to a handful of archery champions, and now they have done it!
When the shooter reaches this level, it is recommended to start shooting close-range targets, about 5-10 meters.

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