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Archery Way Ancient Chinese Version

来自:Linyi Dengji Archery Manufacture Co.,Ltd 日期:2019/1/17
核心提示:Archery Way Ancient Chinese Version
Whether it is a modern bow or an ancient bow or arrow, archery must pay attention to the way of archery. Below is the reprinted ancient version of archery.
Before the archery, the shape must be shaped, the mind is right, the god is calm, the heart is calm, and the heart is like water. The Taishan Mountain collapsed in the front and the color did not change. The dust deer was on the left and not in sight. On the ray, ruthless, no desire, no thought. Not tempted. If there is a desire to shoot, it will become an indiscriminate shot; if there is no desire to shoot, it can be shot; if it is not shot, it is for the shot. Above the competition, forget about technology, forget about the game, and forget about yourself. Even in the Olympic Games, there is still peace of mind training. Not pleased, not to have compassion. With the unchanging heart, we should be objective. No desire, no selflessness, just brave. This is also the title of the contest. Beginners shoot art, shape only. Getting better and better, just shooting. On the day when the shooting art fire is pure, I will forget both things: invisible, unintentional, no shot, no me. This sacred realm is incomprehensible to the ordinary people, and the people of insight can not be seen. The industry is good at diligence and enthusiasm. Shooting is easy to learn and it is difficult to learn. Shooting art is easy and the shooting is difficult. Confucius said: "Shooting to see the virtues." The cover of Yingyin should be based on the cultivation of personality and morality, and the formation of ethics and value is the first priority.
Shooting with Guande, in fact, whether it is archery or a bit of life, the moral bottom line is what we must abide by.

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