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Analyze the operational knowledge of archery

来自:Linyi Dengji Archery Manufacture Co.,Ltd 日期:2019/1/17
核心提示:Analyze the operational knowledge of archery
Archery target

It is to observe your own target. The basic requirement is that after the athlete enters the training or competition venue, he first observes the target position he is shooting, the situation on the site and the surrounding environment, and prepares for the influence of objective factors such as light and wind direction.

Selection of archery

It is the position where the athlete chooses to be on the ray. The basic requirement is that each athlete should have his or her own fixed standing position on the ray. The ideal position is to stand at the center of the target.

However, according to the current rules of the game, the single round competition is launched within the same time limit by the three athletes in the same target position. The athletes decide the position according to the order of the lottery, so there are three possibilities: the center line, the center line, the center The three standing positions behind the line, so the athlete must have the ability to shoot well before, during and after.

Archery standing

It is the posture of standing on both feet and the posture of the trunk when starting. There are three main types of standing positions:

1, side vertical

Side-standing, also known as parallel, is the most basic standing position. It requires two feet to stand shoulder-width, standing on both sides of the beam, and the foot is slightly outstretched, and it should be close to the center line of the target.

The lateral vertical type is relatively natural, which can ensure the normal function of the internal organs and the ability to keep the organisms working for a long time. It is not easy to produce excessive flexion and torsion of the trunk. It is suitable for beginners and female athletes to adopt such a standing posture.

2, exposed

The exposed type is also called the oblique standing type. The basic requirement is that the two feet stand on both sides of the ray, and the two toes are connected at an angle of about 45 degrees to the center line of the target, the right foot is parallel to the ray, and the toe is close to the center line of the target.

Use this type of standing should be more appropriate. This type of standing has a certain effect on strengthening the back muscles of the bow arm. Because this kind of standing type has a large torsion of the trunk during archery and more muscles involved in the work, it is necessary to make the weight fall on both feet on average, so that the two knees are stable, pay attention to the initiative of holding the bow arm and exerting force.

3, concealed

The two feet stand apart on both sides of the ray, and the left foot (the left hand holds the bow) and the ray are parallel to the center line of the target, and the right foot is slightly rearward and stands obliquely, at an angle of about 70 degrees to the center line of the target. .

The concealed type has a certain help to strengthen the front support force, and has a certain compensation effect on the body. When the bow is lifted, the center of gravity of the human body changes to the side of the arm holding the arm. In this case, the trunk turns slightly right ( Spinal rotation will compensate for the balance of the body, reduce the burden of the sacral spine, and keep the body in the middle position, which is conducive to the development of technology. However, the downside is that it is easy to cause the shoulder of the bow arm to rise, destroying the force of the front support line, and causing the wrong action of the bow string arm.

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